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A memorial to two sisters who drowned in the canal in 1912

If you walk along the canal tow-path towards Southall, keep your eyes on the surface of the 'Asylum wall' for some 30 yards on between the sixth lock and the "Three bridges" you will see a rough cross carved into the brick-work.

The story behind this as told to me by one of the last Lock-keepers:- "It was sometime around 1912, two sisters were walking back from church along the tow-path when one slipped and fell in. The other tried to save her but both were drowned. The family (it would be interesting to know if any are still living in the area after all these years) carved the cross in the wall and whitened it."

A while ago I decided to re-whiten it and duly arrived with a small tin of white paint. Whilst so engrossed I became conscious of an Officer of the law in close proximity who asked "What and Why/" I explained, to which he apologised saying that a 'phone call had been received telling of a naughty person engaged in the wide-spread art of grafiti. Satified that prison was not for me he shook hands and left.

Sid. Carter. sibeca52@aol.com.