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Olde Hanwell Residents Association

The association provides a forum for residents to present their opinions about local issues such as planning applications, local amenities and changes to the area.

The collective views of the residents can then be used as the driving force to ensure the feelings of the residents are heard and that any changes will best reflect our collective needs.

Three newsletters per year are delivered to members containing information on the association, dates of meetings, local events, local improvements, the Hanwell Steering Committee, Neighbourhood watch, Canal Watch.

If you would like to join the association or volunteer for a street representative or officer position then please contact an officer or an existing street representative of the association.

Neighbourhood Watch

The Olde Hanwell Neighbourhood Watch area is synonymous with the Olde Hanwell Residents Association area.

Join the OHRA news group; Receive updates via email

If you would like to join the Olde Hanwell Residents Association (OHRA) news group (Google groups) to receive occasional updates via email about meetings, events, and significant changes in the area then please join the group;

  • Group name: Olde Hanwell Residents Association
  • Group home page: http://groups.google.co.uk/group/ohra?hl=en (Click on 'Apply for group membership' in the right-hand menu). You will need a Google Account before you can join the group.
  • Group description: A forum for residents in Hanwell, London, England to communicate on issues in the area, e.g. new building developments, improvements, neighbourhood watch.
  • You can also apply via email. Please include your name and postcode in the email.
  • You may have to add googlegroups.com to your whitelist or mark it as not spam.

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