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You can find other usefull information here such as Planning Permission information for extending your home.

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Car Club

Ealing now has a car club run by Smart Moves

Benefits to members

  • Use of a range of cars and vans at reasonable rates without needing to own one
  • Access to vehicles, for as little as one hour at a time, from convenient neighbourhood or workplace locations
  • Servicing, repairs and maintenance are taken care of
  • None of the hassle that goes with buying and selling cars privately
  • None of the overheads - tax, insurance, paying for the car - of car ownership

Benefits to the community

  • Less space taken up by parked cars
  • Reduced noise and air pollution in local streets
  • Less traffic congestion
  • Increased viability of public transport as more people use it
  • Environmental benefits (e.g. reduced energy consumption, improved air quality) from reduced dependency on the car