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Make your voice heard!!

In the current background of impending elections, Consultation is greatly in vogue with the Ealing Council, on a wide range of issues affecting many people who live and work in the Borough.

Residents of The Lawns, have been "consulted" on possible changes to the layout of the roads in the area. People who use Ealing Broadway Station Forecourt have been invited to comment on possible changes to its layout. The possible introduction of Controlled Parking Zones in general, and in specific areas has been widely offered to the community for consultation, are just three examples.

This is a creditable advance to improving local democracy in the local management of our lives. The one thing which the recent consultation surveys have in common is the low level of  responses, at approximately 20% - 30%.

If our Council makes decisions on the evidence collected from so few respondents, maybe we should not be so quick to complain if they "get it wrong". They can only take account of  views expressed. We cannot change the past, but use the present to influence the future. When offered an opportunity to record our preferences when next "consulted", consider how a low response rate may be interpreted.

Without expressing our views we may not get what we prefer, but we may well get what we do not want!